The skies darken and the solar is setting… evil is sure to take a firmer maintain quickly. In Black Book, you are taking the position of a younger witch named Vasilisa, on her perilous journey to rescue her beloved. I’ll share with you some particulars as to what you may count on from the journey of a younger sorceress at the hours of darkness, rural corners of Cherdyn, her homeland.

Discover what it’s wish to be a Witch

In Cherdyn, the occult is on each step of peasant life. Clever and educated individuals discover ways to battle off evil or how you can command it. Witches — or Knowers, as they name them regionally — possess arcane data highly effective sufficient to solid curses, spells, and even blessings. From their lecturers, they inherit their data of spells, herbs, and the arcane. A few of them even command a flock of unholy demons to do their bidding.

Peasants usually method Knowers with items and plead to assist them resolve points with all issues occult, arcane, or health-related. Each Knower has a historical past and repute, and your actions will form Vasilisa’s picture within the eyes of Cherdyn’s residents.

Command your flock of imps

Because of their nature born of Hell, the imps are stressed and need to torment, sow chaos and trigger mischief. Vasilisa, like each Knower, carries a heavy burden. Will you allow them to torment her or ship them away to torment another person, although it’s sinful? The selection is tough to make. Maybe there’s a intelligent method to need to do one thing meaningless, however that’s so that you can uncover.

Black Book

Unlock the secrets and techniques of the Black E-book

The Black E-book is a strong and historic artifact of unknown origins, mentioned to meet any want of an individual who manages to interrupt all 7 of its seals. Outdated Egor, her instructor, handed this e book to her within the ceremony of succession. The final seal is Vasilisa’s solely hope to deliver her beloved from the lifeless, and her sole goal. She has solely 40 days earlier than his soul departs from this world.

Black Book

Following Vasilisa’s journey to interrupt the E-book’s seals, you’ll face legendary enemies and creatures, a few of that are believed to be people tales and nothing aside from that. With each damaged seal, her energy will develop.

Battle the unholy

Vasilisa’s pure expertise for the occult, along with the Black E-book, makes her a power to reckoned with. The E-book has Black and White pages — curses and blessings — each of which might be weaved into zagovors; mighty mixture spells. Even along with your highly effective sorcery, your enemies would require a novel method to take care of.

Black Book

Vasilisa is just not all about battling evil and slinging spells, nevertheless. She is properly versed in card video games, and doesn’t shy to go for a spherical or two of Durak, a neighborhood card recreation, which you can even play along with your companions or locals.

Empower your self with wards, amulets, and herbs

A bit of little bit of magic rubs off on many issues, like charms, amulets, ceremony objects, and plenty of others. The earth itself springs with magic, accumulating wonderful properties in herbs and roots discovered throughout Cherdyn. Choose the correct trinkets for the journey, stack on magical herbs, and journey forth in direction of the unknown.

Black Book

Together with Vasilisa, you’ll journey on the fringe of worlds, discovering the thinnest edge the place worlds collide. Your actions decide the result of her journey, together with her companions that you could be take together with you. Keep true to your ethical compass, put together properly for battles with evil, and uncover what it’s wish to be a Witch out of time…

See you in Cherdyn, Knowers.

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Black E-book

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A fusion of card-based RPGs and Journey video games, “Black E-book” is a haunting story of a younger sorceress, who gave her life to serve the darkish forces. Dive into the chilly, but alluring world of Slavic folktales – and uncover the secrets and techniques that conceal within the darkness.

A younger lady named Vasilisa, destined to grow to be a witch, decides to throw her destiny away and marry her beloved – however that dream is shattered when her betrothed dies below mysterious circumstances.

Aching for her misplaced love, Vasilisa seeks out the Black E-book – a demonic artifact, mentioned to be highly effective sufficient to grant any want to the one who uncovers all 7 of its seals. Be part of Vasilisa in her adventures throughout the agricultural countryside, as she solves the woes of frequent people by confronting demons and performing exorcisms.

Uncover the seals of Black E-book
Unleash hellish spells in your enemies! Gather spell playing cards and new abilities as you progress.

A Historic Journey
Remedy riddles and full side-quests as you be taught extra about life within the Slavic countryside.

Lead a Demonic Flock
Ship demons to do your bidding, however watch out – idle demons will torture you should you don’t discover them one thing to do!

Myths and legends
Discover a world based mostly on Northern Slavic mythology. Be taught from an in-game encyclopedia, created with the assistance of knowledgeable anthropologists – and discover all people tales hidden inside the recreation!

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