We’re now just some quick weeks away from slipping on a pair of iconic goggles and guiding Raz through dangerous minds in Psychonauts 2, releasing on Xbox consoles, PC, and with Xbox Game Pass on August 25.

Just lately, we shared Suggestive Gaming’s detailed recap of the occasions of the unique Psychonauts and Rhombus of Wreck you can check that out here.

To additional put together you to hitch the ranks of the Psychonauts, we’ve additionally teamed up with The Leaderboard, purveyors of detailed storyline deconstructions and different gaming arcana.

First, monitor Raz’s timeline from Day 1 at Summer season camp on this Timeline:

Then dive deep into the lore with 107 Details:

Right here’s how they put all of it collectively:

Q: Might you run us by the standard strategy of placing collectively a “107 Details” video?

Ophelie: Step one to making a “107 Details” video is to search for assets. These can vary from interviews to evaluations to boards to movies. Builders’ interviews are probably the most valuable supply of data on the market, as they’re usually crammed with details that most people might have missed. Then, we should discover video content material as an example every truth.

It’s normally gameplay clips, cutscenes, or interview footage from the builders. Typically, extra images are required to offer some context, just like the portrait of somebody or an early stage drawing of a personality. Lastly, to interrupt up the voice-over and enhance the movement of the video, we add some sound-ups. They’re quick movies, normally from a cutscene, which have a relation to a truth we simply talked about.

Q: How do you resolve what makes the lower for a “107 Details” video?

Ophelie: To make it to a “107 Details” video, a truth have to be both humorous, informative, helpful, or attention-grabbing. Every truth should carry added worth to the video and hold the viewer entertained.

Q: Any details from Psychonauts franchise that stand out to you particularly? Any details that shock you?

Ophelie: There are such a lot of random details from Psychonauts, from the event tales to the in-game references when exploring one’s thoughts. The truth that Tim Schafer needed an ostrich to be the primary character of the sport stunned me. In-game, I preferred the reference to evaluations of “White Chicks” throughout the battle in opposition to Jasper.

Q: What was it like enjoying Psychonauts and Psychonauts within the Rhombus of Wreck in your first time? When you have performed each titles beforehand, what was it like revisiting the titles?

Preston: Enjoying Psychonauts once more a decade after I first skilled it was refreshing. Many platformers of the early-mid 2000s don’t properly for my part, however Psychonauts holds up. I’d say that is thanks primarily to its presentation; Psychonauts is clearly bizarre and absurd, which helps hold the gameplay recent because of the ever-changing environments and powers at Raz’s disposal.

Q: Exterior of simply offering a synopsis of the core narrative, is there something particular you search for when making a “Timeline” video?

Preston: When making a Timeline video, I search for moments in video games which are distinctive sufficient to spotlight. By spotlight, I imply both specializing in it through a sound up or by making a joke or lamp shading it within the script itself. Take the reveal that Linda and Mr. Pokeylope have been/are in a relationship for example: It’s not crucial to the core narrative, however it’s enjoyable and helps boost the video. If I used to be simply making a synopsis of the plot, the Timeline could be uninteresting, which is why I search for moments like this.

Q: Do you attempt to strike a steadiness between utilizing in-game scenes versus in-game dialogue? How about cutscenes versus in-game moments?

Ophelie: When choosing movies to go together with the script, a very powerful is to indicate precisely what we’re speaking about. There isn’t any particular ratio between cutscenes and in-game moments. Cutscenes and in-game dialogues are each helpful for the sound-ups.

Preston: A steadiness between scenes and dialogue is necessary, although I are likely to desire utilizing in-game scenes with our script VO (voice-over) moderately than utilizing in-game dialogue to maintain clips shorter. As for cutscenes vs. in-game moments, I lean in the direction of utilizing cutscenes in ‘Timeline’ movies as a result of they type key elements of the narrative.

Q: Was there something that stood out to you once you have been placing collectively the “107 Details” and “Timeline” movies?

Ophelie: Psychonauts is crammed with references to popular culture. There isn’t a single degree or character with out a complete backstory, nods to different video games or films, and humorous one-liners. There are additionally many enjoyable details about its growth and what the sport may have been.

Preston: I didn’t notice simply how breezy the story to Psychonauts was earlier than creating the Timeline video. In my thoughts, I bear in mind Psychonauts for having a extra in-depth story compared to related video games of its period. However on reflection, it’s fairly compact. That’s to not say the story is weak – fairly the alternative. The truth that Double Positive created such an impactful narrative whereas nonetheless being comparatively quick is a testomony to the energy of the story and characters.

Q: Are there any narrative threads that you just hope will proceed in Psychonauts 2?

Ophelie: In Psychonauts 2, I hope we’ll study extra in regards to the Psychic Six – or moderately, seven. Raz and Lili’s relationship can also be cute, so I’d wish to see extra of it! And I hope Dart will make a cameo someplace, as properly!

Preston: For Psychonauts 2, I’m trying ahead to studying extra about Raz’s household, particularly the connection that his father has with psychics and the Psychonauts. And although I don’t count on her to make a reappearance, if Linda does come again I will probably be very joyful.

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