The issue with having your first sport be a hit is that ‘troublesome second album’ factor; making a observe up that grabs new individuals with out alienating your current fanbase You’ll be able to’t simply make the identical sport once more, however a bit extra. Nor are you able to make one thing unrecognizable. So extra significant, acquainted however new, larger and higher however not bloated. No stress.

Far: Lone Sails started as a college mission that, over a number of years, ended up being a ravishing and meditative expertise that constructed our studio. We couldn’t be extra pleased with the look, really feel and sound of the sport, its great handcrafted enchantment which has all the time helped us stand out in a crowd, drawing gamers in with the painterly fashion and dynamic soundtrack. Far: Altering Tides is one other atmospheric automobile journey, as we wish to name it, so the DNA is similar however we’re increasing in new instructions.

Lone Sails had arid vistas, a solar scorched airplane crammed with ash storms and sand lined wrecks. Altering Tides swaps these for drowned continents tidal waves and the worry of what’s beneath the glassy floor. We wished to inform a narrative that will be recent however immediately recognizable, and it’s once more teased out over the course of the sport. Our protagonist, Toe, wakes to search out their hometown flooded and an deserted ship turns into your lifeline and new house.

The journey from submerged cities to open water will tease the broader world and its inhabitants by environmental storytelling, and it was essential for us to remain true to the enjoyable expertise gamers had with Lone Sails, that provides you time to cease and take within the breath-taking surroundings, or recognize the dynamic soundtrack. Magnificence within the face of destruction. Hope the place there’s solely despair. On the identical time it’s enjoyable to see when gamers have a totally completely different method and benefit from the sport how they need to.

For now, it’s early days so that you’ve solely seen a small reveal of a a lot bigger sport. We’ll be again to discover much more forward of the sport’s launch later this yr.

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