This week’s PlayStation 5 firmware update was additionally accompanied by new system software program for the DualSense controller itself, however what does it truly do? Nicely, after some pretty strenuous testing over the previous 48 hours, we are able to conclude that it’s modified the best way haptic suggestions is utilised in backwards suitable PlayStation Four video games.

Clearly, the DualShock Four controller didn’t have haptic suggestions, and its rumble was designed round two motors within the handles of the pad. When enjoying PS4 video games on the PS5, this was replicated by a comfortable buzzing within the DualSense controller. Nonetheless, because the replace, Sony has simulated the “really feel” of the DualShock 4’s rumble via its new pad.

What does this imply, in real-terms? Nicely, primarily based on our expertise you get the “texture” of the DualShock 4’s rumble motors: it’s a extra pronounced suggestions that extra precisely displays the mechanics of the corporate’s last-gen peripheral. Truthfully, it feels vastly superior – we observed it instantly in Rocket League, however the change is clear in different video games, too.

It’s necessary to notice that PS4 software program isn’t designed with the DualSense in thoughts, so we’re not referring to Astro’s Playroom-style haptic suggestions right here. As an alternative, the corporate is utilizing the expertise in its PS5 controller to extra precisely simulate the “feeling” of enjoying with a DualShock 4, so it’s nearer to what the developer initially supposed.

We must always reiterate that the rumble in PS4 video games pales compared to what you discover in native next-gen releases. Nonetheless, it is a significant enchancment, as a result of it retains the authenticity of the unique releases via backwards compatibility. It’s one more under-the-radar tweak in Sony’s new system software.

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