One of many extra irritating PlayStation 5 firmware points is how, when you will have a disc inserted, it’ll spin it every hour and make a load of noise. Whereas the console is mostly very quiet throughout operation, its Blu-ray slot may be extraordinarily loud; that is largely superb whenever you’re putting in one thing, however when it randomly kicks up throughout gameplay it may be distracting.

With the discharge of PS5’s new system software update, we’ve noticed a change – though not an outright repair. The subsequent-gen platform will nonetheless spin the disc, however the operation quantity is far quieter. We’ve been capable of corroborate this with different discussions across the net, so it doesn’t look like anecdotal or a placebo impact – the noise is positively muted considerably.

Clearly it will be higher if this didn’t occur in any respect, however for now this tweak does look like an acknowledgement of the issue. In different information, we just deleted a couple of PS4 games and didn’t spot any annoying gray containers left behind – we’ll proceed to check this, however to date it’s trying like this drawback has additionally been resolved.

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