Having announced its new flagship OLED, the JZ2000, at CES back in January, Panasonic has now released the details of the rest of its 2021 TV line-up. It comprises four OLED models and three LCD TVs and includes the brand’s first-ever 48-inch OLEDs – in fact, there are three of them!

The JZ OLED series replaces the mixed success of 2020’s HZ models. We were impressed by the general picture quality and motion handling of the HZ1000, awarding it five stars, but while the HZ2000 proved even more accomplished in the picture department, its expensive speaker system proved a disappointment. Wisely, this year’s JZ2000 has a revamped sound system. What’s more, unlike in 2021, this year you can get Panasonic’s enhanced Professional Edition panel without going right up to the flagship 2000-series TV. 

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