Keen to interrupt farther into cell gaming, Sq. Enix is making a Last Fantasy 7 battle royale sport for iOS and Android. Sure, actually.

With Last Fantasy 7 The First Soldier, Sq. Enix hopes to faucet the billion-dollar market that PUBG Cellular (and shortly, Apex Legends) has been having fun with. The sport is a mixture of first-person and third-person shooter, full with action-based fight straight out of video games like Last Fantasy XV and FF7 Remake.

Traditional magical spells like firaga, thundaga, blizzaga, and barrier additionally present in fight, providing a singular mixture of unorthodox gunplay and wizadry. There seems to be each PVP chaos and PVE boss battles lifted straight out of the latest Last Fantasy releases.

“FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER is a battle royal motion sport set in Midgar earlier than the occasions of FINAL FANTASY VII. As a SOLDIER candidate, the participant will make full use of their magic and talents in a battle for his or her survival.”

This a fairly odd transfer for the writer, who has fledgling affairs with on-line Last Fantasy spin-offs together with FFXV’s ill-fated Comrades mode. It is unusual to see characters toting shotguns and ARs in a Last Fantasy sport, however at the very least FF7R’s modern fashion stays intact to assist offset the preliminary shock.

The First Soldier will launch someday in 2021 on iOS and Android.

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