Diablo II Lord of Destruction was so huge that it virtually counted as a sequel, but it surely wasn’t the one enlargement Blizzard North was engaged on.

On the eve of Diablo II’s expected remaster announcement, unique Diablo developer David Brevik shared a little bit of latest information on what might’ve been for the ARPG traditional. It seems Lord of Destruction was really one among two expansions the crew had been planning. Brevik mentioned he was designing a second enlargement earlier than LOD’s transformative 1.10 replace, however the progress by no means manifested–Brevik had solely created a design doc. No precise ranges, characters, gadgets, or animations had been made.

On the identical time Brevik was placing collectively the enlargement’s framework, Blizzard North had been designing their own Diablo III, a darkish and medieval sport that might’ve been very totally different from the cartoony model Blizzard launched in 2012. The Blizzard North breakup interrupted progress as key builders like Brevik left the corporate as a consequence of variations with Vivendi, who then owned Blizzard.

Quick-forward to at the moment and we see Blizzard attempting to recapture the legacy that Brevik and his crew cemented all these years in the past with Diablo II and its accompanying Lord of Destruction enlargement. Diablo IV, the brand new sequel, brings a macabre and visceral model married with a MMO + ARPG combo with near-infinite replayability.

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