Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has teamed with Microsoft on getting a PC onto the Worldwide House Station related to Azure. HPE has now despatched their new Spaceborne Pc-2 system up and onto the ISS.

The brand new Spaceborne Pc-2 system shall be related to the cloud and into Microsoft Azure, by NASA and HPE floor stations. What this new Spaceborne Pc-2 system permits astronauts on the Worldwide House Station to do is figure on information processing up on the ISS, versus having to ship it again right down to Earth.

The information launch for the Azure connection says: “Astronauts and house explorers deserve entry to the very best cloud computing applied sciences and superior processing on the final edge. Generally evaluation must be completed instantly on the edge the place each passing second counts, and different occasions the evaluation is so massively advanced that it may possibly solely be carried out with the ability of the hyperscale cloud“.

Mark Fernandez, HPE Spaceborne Pc-2 principal investigator explains: “HPE and Microsoft are collaborating to additional speed up house exploration by delivering state-of-the artwork applied sciences to sort out a variety of information processing wants whereas in orbit“.

He added: “By bringing collectively HPE’s Spaceborne Pc-2, which relies on the HPE Edgeline Converged Edge system for superior edge computing and AI capabilities, with Microsoft Azure to hook up with the cloud, we’re enabling house explorers to seamlessly transmit massive information units to and from Earth and profit from an edge-to-cloud expertise“.

You may read all about the Spaceborne Computer-2 on HPE’s official website.

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