Antarctica is without doubt one of the few locations on Earth that’s but to be spoiled by people, which is why many scientists and researchers are utilizing it to check Earth’s historical past.

Researchers and scientists have been planning for a while to drill by the overlying ice sheet. The principle purpose the researchers have is to drill by the ice and pattern the untouched waters of a hidden lake that’s positioned beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. In keeping with Dr. John Priscu, “We joined up with NASA, and utilizing satellite tv for pc photos, we may see flat spots all around the continent, and that is the place the ice sheet floats over these lakes.

The researchers started their drilling, and because the drilling commenced, NASA snapped “one thing rising above the ice“. In keeping with Dr. Priscu, “We received to the underside, and there was a lake there. 30 years of concepts, pondering this is not a lifeless place, over 12 years of suggesting concerning the presence of lakes and rivers and there they had been.” Dr. Priscu additionally stated that the researchers have gathered each oblique and direct proof of “lovely river methods such as you would see popping out of the Rocky Mountains.

Again in 2013, Dr. Priscu stated, “That is the primary image about two days later of organisms below there. There’s life below there and a few of my college students are out right here and so they took these photos. that is the primary glimpse of life and the DNA samples are coming again there ought to be arriving this week and we’ll be capable of sequence and let you know who they.

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