Train Sim World 2 is a service recreation in each sense of the phrase: it’s repeatedly up to date with new routes, trains, and timetables. The sport has grown a lot over the previous few months, nevertheless, that it now has three full Trophy units connected to it – an unprecedented quantity for a non-compilation recreation, like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

To this point the sport has an eye-watering 253 Trophies to unlock. There’s a core record with a Platinum Trophy, however all the things else pertains to varied DLC packs. As a result of there are restrictions on what number of Trophies a single set can have, developer Dovetail Video games retains including completely new units on high. This third set will permit it to bloat its total whole to above 300 Trophies over the course of the approaching yr.

Train Sim World 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 2

This isn’t unusual, after all: Hitman 2 additionally utilised a number of units to accommodate its wealth of DLC. As video games proceed to develop, we reckon Sony may must give you a extra elegant answer to this. For now, the brand new Trophies in Prepare Sim World 2, of which there are ten to unlock, pertain to the Southeastern High Speed route, which is due out this week.

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