Everyone knows how a lot WallStreetBets has been within the headlines — so too has u/DeepFuckingValue who kicked all of this off with GameStop — and just about matching Robinhood at this level, however now we’re joined by the self-proclaimed “crypto model of WallStreetBets” with SatoshiStreetBets.


The r/SatoshiStreetBets subreddit was created practically a yr in the past on February 23, 2020 — and is now getting an enormous injection of customers and posts due to the massive push of not simply WallStreetBets and GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry, Nokia and different shares — however cryptocurrencies are pumping, too.

DOGE has gone ballistic, with diamond palms holding that up a whole lot of %, with some posters on r/SatoshiStreetBets wanting to see GameStop accepting DogeCoin as a payment. Which may sound loopy, however I do not assume it is loopy anymore. GameStop could be nuts to not cater to all of the those that have rallied behind it, and actually put their cash the place their mouths are and held the road.

In latest WallStreetBets and Robinhood information, a WSB troll paid to have a ‘SUCK MY NUTS ROBINHOOD‘ banner flown round San Francisco, and proper over the Robinhood HQ. You may’t make it up… you may read more on that story here.

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