Sure names have popped up many times over the primary few episodes of WandaVision, however there’s one group we haven’t mentioned but: A.I.M.

Earlier than diving into this week’s theories, nevertheless, let’s take a second to acknowledge simply the place the present is throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s timeline. Marvel Studios beforehand confirmed that WandaVision came about simply after Avengers: Endgame, however because of a tragic revelation about Monica Rambeau’s mother, Maria Rambeau, that performs originally of the fourth episode, we all know it’s about three weeks for the reason that blip. (Bear in mind, the “blip” is how they referred to Thanos’ nice snappening, referencing occasions that came about in Avengers: Infinity War.)

Three weeks is a comparatively contemporary interval for folks — particularly those that returned to Earth after fading into mud. For Wanda, that’s precisely three weeks since she was mud, got here again to struggle Thanos, and apparently moved to New Jersey to begin a brand new life in a fictional city. The final three episodes have targeted fully on her perspective, however episode Four introduces — or, quite, reintroduces — a few key characters who act like our eyes and ears inside Westview, making an attempt to determine what Wanda’s doing and who’s presumably controlling her.

[Warning: Take into account this your warning about inevitable WandaVision episode Four spoilers. Flip again now or perpetually maintain your tweets about spoilers.]

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

We’ve talked fairly a bit about Mephisto in these columns, a demonic satan who has deep ties to Wanda, Imaginative and prescient, and the higher Marvel universe-at-large. There’s one other concept we’ve to debate as we speak and, whereas I feel it’s much less doubtless, there are too many prospects to disregard its potential. I’m so excited I get to put in writing these subsequent few phrases: let’s return to Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 launched Marvel Cinematic Universe followers to an organization referred to as Superior Thought Mechanics, higher referred to as A.I.M. Headed by Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian within the movie, A.I.M.’s function within the comics is barely completely different, and that’s the place a number of theories lie. Within the comics, A.I.M. is a assume tank of kinds belonging to a number of of the world’s smartest scientists who imagine in harnessing and utilizing know-how to accumulate unspeakable energy. There are three particular causes that some followers imagine A.I.M. has ties to WandaVision and, extra importantly, strategies about what these might imply for the present’s huge villain reveal:

  • The primary look of a bee go well with in WandaVision’s second episode
  • Strucker watch
  • Hexagons

Bees? Beads? Bees!

A person in a beekeeping go well with rising out of a sewer in the midst of an empty suburb late at night time can be uncommon in any world, however in Marvel, bee fits are deeply tied to A.I.M. The group’s seemingly disposable henchmen are known as “beekeper guys,” as our sister publication Polygon points out. A person rising out of a sewer to see what’s happening with Wanda inside her personal fictional actuality might discuss with a henchman finishing a job for A.I.M. Now, the fourth episode explains his look — he’s a person named Franklin — as an agent of S.W.O.R.D. coming into Wanda’s prism to attempt to make contact with the mutant. Therefore the S.W.O.R.D. emblem on the again of his go well with — however why does he seem as a beekeeper in Wanda’s universe?

As actress Kathryn Hahn not too long ago said in an interview with TVLine, “there are such a lot of layers” to what’s occurring on the present. Agent Franklin might simply be a S.W.O.R.D. lackey despatched in to attempt to get in contact with Wanda. However Marvel additionally has a historical past of organizations being run by shady figures. That’s the place WandaVision’s latest character is available in — Tyler Hayward, performing director of S.W.O.R.D. A part of it’s my very own intestine feeling of “I don’t belief him” that comes with being a longtime Marvel fan and nonetheless getting unnecessarily offended on the identify Alexander Pierce. One thing about this man simply appears off. He’s a Marvel Cinematic Universe authentic, too, so there’s no comics priority to tell our hypothesizing.

May Hayward be a member of A.I.M.? In that case, might A.I.M. be utilizing one in every of their deadliest creations — the Cosmic Dice — to assist warp Wanda’s actuality? That’s the place one in every of our different connections that would tie A.I.M. to Wanda’s new world is available in.

A.I.M.? Hydra? What?

Within the second episode, we get a business for a fictional product referred to as the Strucker watch. The business appeared to include Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, a Hydra sleeper agent inside S.H.I.E.L.D. who’s seen holding custody of Wanda and her twin brother Pietro in a Winter Soldier post-credits scene and Age of Ultron’s opening battle. Within the comics, Baron von Strucker helped begin A.I.M., utilizing it as a company to create top-secret, harmful weapons for Hydra throughout World Conflict II.

Coincidence? Perhaps, however that is Marvel Studios. Nothing is ever a coincidence. It’s additionally not like WandaVision is making an attempt to shrink away from its Hydra connections. The third episode comprises a business for Hydra Soak, which is a reference to a blue cleaning soap created by the evil group that’s used to position false recollections in folks’s heads, in response to Agent Coulson in a season 4 episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. If A.I.M. and Hydra are concerned with warping Wanda’s thoughts to create a false actuality, the one purpose to take action is to make use of Wanda till she will be able to turn into — or produce — a weapon they want.

Retaining Wanda due to her weapon potential is similar reasoning behind the way more circulated fan concept about Mephisto being the determine behind Wanda’s present self-imprisonment. It’s nonetheless my most well-liked concept, particularly contemplating that Marvel Comics put Mephisto in a splashy promo for the “subsequent huge factor” simply as WandaVision began rolling, as IGN’s Joshua Yehl identified on Twitter.

If Mephisto looks as if the almost definitely candidate for WandaVision’s huge villain reveal (or at the very least, part of the villain reveal), it could appear unusual that persons are nonetheless speaking about A.I.M. That’s the place geometry is available in.

Wanda’s prism, as rendered within the form of a hexagon.
Picture: Marvel Leisure

Hexagons for everybody

WandaVision has an affinity for shapes — particularly hexagons.

Variations of A.I.M.’s emblem have been designed in a golden hexagon. Bear in mind the “beekeeper” reference? Honeycomb additionally takes the form of a hexagon. Subtly referring to the form all through the sequence might trace at A.I.M.’s work at play. Hexagons might simply be a rad form that WandaVision’s workforce is into however, once more, that is Marvel Studios. There are not often coincidences.

Monica Rambeau wears hexagon-shaped earrings within the present’s third episode, for instance. Then the fourth episode 3D renders Wanda’s pretend city, which is within the form of a hexagon. Episodes fade out within the form of hexagons, not circles historically related to older exhibits coming to an finish. To not point out that Jimmy Woo mainly writes down on his big whiteboard of clues “what’s happening with these hexagons?”

The hexagon could possibly be a reference to the variety of factors on the form — six — which can also be the variety of Infinity Stones. (Imaginative and prescient is, after all, successfully powered by the Thoughts Stone.) Or hexagons could possibly be a refined play on the prefix hex, a Germanic time period meaning witchcraft. Wanda is a witch, and we’re fairly positive her neighbor Agnes is admittedly the traditional witch, Agatha Harkness. Or hexagons might allude to the correlation between the quantity six and the satan (666), which can be a refined nod to Mephisto. There are plenty of prospects right here.

What whether it is A.I.M.?

I actually don’t assume A.I.M. is the large dangerous, so that is simply enjoyable hypothesis I don’t imagine will come true — what if all the things is main as much as M.O.D.O.Ok?

By now you might be pondering, “Why are there so many acronyms in Marvel names?” Reader, I’ve the identical query. M.O.D.O.Ok. is fairly nifty, although! M.O.D.O.Ok, which stands for Mechanized Organism Designed Just for Killing, was at one time the chief of A.I.M. He’s the kind of man who can bridge the primary few phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming cosmic section — to not point out M.O.D.O.Ok. has deep ties to each the Avengers and X-Males universes.

A part of the explanation I’m fairly positive it’s not M.O.D.O.Ok, aside from it probably not lining up, is the shortage of interplay between he and Wanda. Positive, there’s an Avengers vs. X-Males second, however we’re not organising Avengers vs. X-Males. At the very least, not but. Whether or not any of this occurs — or all of it occurs in some capability — is a part of the thriller that makes WandaVision so enjoyable. As weeks go by, we’ll get a clearer reply of simply who’s behind this whole ordeal. Who is aware of? Perhaps it was simply Wanda all alongside.

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