The massive monetary drama surrounding the US markets proper now with Reddit and its totally viral r/WallStreetBets pushing GameStop and AMC shares by means of the roof. Nicely, Robinhood is stopping retail traders from getting in on the wave, and even promoting their shares robotically.

Robinhood customers started noticing their $GME shares being bought with out warning, with Robinhood alerting customers that as a consequence of “not too long ago volatility, we’re limiting transactions for sure securities to place closing solely. Nonetheless, as a consequence of unreasonable threat concerned in brokering your place, we now have closed your 4,500 shares of GME for a median value of $118.93 on January 28th, 2021 at 11:24 AM“.

The discover from Robinhood continues: “Your commerce affirmation can be accessible in your order historical past on Robinhood in a single buying and selling day“.

Nevermind that GameStop inventory was $450+ — however hey, cannot have the little man doing what the massive man does, and getting away with it. You see, they do not such as you looking behind the veil and pulling the levers your self. That is solely going to get greater.

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