Devolver Digital continues its love affair with moody pixelated motion video games with Olija. This one has you exploring a mysterious land after Lord Faraday and his crew are left stranded, and it is your job to discover a approach again residence. Issues turn out to be sophisticated when you come throughout a cursed harpoon that grants a kind of teleport energy; it appears the locals are averse to this weapon.

The sport is a stability of straightforward puzzles, exploration, and fight, with the harpoon central to all of it. Throw it at an enemy or sure objects, and you’ll sprint to that time, permitting you to freely transfer by varied environments. It is enjoyable to make use of, and grows in utility; you should use it as a makeshift platform, to navigate by the air, and it will definitely can carry a cost, letting you activate electrical switches.

When it comes to fight, harpooning an enemy after which dashing into them for a follow-up is reasonably satisfying. Moreover, you may unlock varied facet weapons which, whereas helpful in some situations, do not lend an terrible lot to fight, which may be navigated fairly handily together with your primary assaults. That is to not say there aren’t some entertaining fights, although, with some inventive boss encounters. Unlockable hats grant further perks too, in addition to make you extra trendy.

Whenever you’re not spearing baddies, there are various issues to find: keys to unlock new areas, map items that open up the world, and your previous crewmates in want of rescue. As you progress, a secure hub will develop, and you’ll put cash into issues like an alchemist that provides well being upgrades, a sailor you’ll be able to pay to go and discover treasure, and extra. Visually, Olija may not appear to be a lot, however you would be stunned how atmospheric it’s. A handful of bugs apart, that is an intriguing journey value taking.

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