We now have a way more strong quantity when it comes to what number of GeForce RTX 30 collection graphics playing cards that scalpers have bought, and offered for revenue: almost 50,000 playing cards.

The information is coming from Chicago-based information engineer Michael Driscoll that stories that 49,580 Ampere GPUs have been offered between eBay and StockX alone. Driscoll breaks this down into $61.5 million in gross sales on eBay and StockX with $15.2 million revenue and $6.eight million for eBay, PayPal and StockX.

  • 49,580 Ampere GPUs offered on eBay/StockX
  • $61.5 million in gross sales on eBay/StockX for ~$15.2 million in revenue for scalpers and $6.eight million for eBay/PayPal/StockX
  • Sale costs elevated 6-25% as a result of tariffs, apart from the 3090 which its scalped worth was unaffected
  • RTX 20, RTX 16, GTX 1000, and GTX 900 collection playing cards all elevated 33-100% in worth for the reason that launch of Ampere

You’ll be able to read the entire post by Driscoll here.

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