Based on a brand new Dragon Age artbook, the subsequent recreation within the collection, Dragon Age 4, can be set within the Tevinter Imperium.


The brand new recreation dev grimoire BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development confirms that the brand new Dragon Age recreation is about in a realm of slavery, cruelty, and legendary blood magic. We’re speaking concerning the Tevinter Imperium, of course–the historical Rome-like empire nestled in Theda’s northern areas.

The e book hints the playable landmass might embody the Imperium in addition to elements of the bordering Nevarra to the south, and Antiva to the east. For comparability, Dragon Age Inquisition featured areas set in southern Thedas; Orlais, Ferelden, and elements of the Free Marches have been explorable and playable.

Dragon Age 4's mainland setting confirmed, map may rival Inquisition 345 |

It is doable Dragon Age Four might be the most important recreation within the collection by way of explorable space. We already know it’s going to be essentially the most bold due to massively superior next-gen Frostbite engine tech, nevertheless it might characteristic an enormous in-game space as properly.

It isn’t precisely a shock that Dragon Age Four is about within the Imperium. We have recognized since 2017 that BioWare was working on a Tevinter-focused Dragon Age.

The gothic spires Imperium have been teased a number of occasions in idea artwork. We have additionally seen glimpses of the dead-city necropolis’ from Nevarra, and even Weisshaupt Fortress within the Anderfels.

Dragon Age 4's mainland setting confirmed, map may rival Inquisition 344 |

That being stated, recreation author Patrick Weekes warns gamers not to read too much into the concept art. On no account is that this paintings finalized, and far of it might not even be used within the ultimate recreation.

“Very like box-art creatures assist devs get an early really feel for gameplay, idea artwork helps devs get an early really feel for temper,” Weekes stated.

“If the temper of idea artwork you are seeing excites you, cool! However please do not get connected to, or hung up on, specifics.”

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